Age as of October 1, 2019

Nursery3 years old
Kinder 1    
4 years old
Kinder 25 years old
Primary 1
6 years old
Primary 2
7 years old
Primary 3
8 years old
Primary 4
9 years old
Primary 5

10 years old

Primary 611 years old


Download our recommendation form: SSMGC RECOMMENDATION FOR APPLICANTS.pdf

​​Download our application form: SSMGC Application Form.pdf


Step 1:

Submit the following:

1. Copy of latest report card for incoming K to Primary 6 students
2. Transcript of records  (TOR) for incoming  AS/A Level and IBDP students (grade 11 students)
3. 1 x 1 photo (coloured, 3 pcs.)
4. Accomplished application form (click here to download the form)
5. Birth certificate
6. Copy of passport, ACR I-Card and visa of child and parents (for foreign students)
7. Non-refundable processing fee of P6,000.00
8. Letter of recommendation from previous school (click
here to download form)

Step 2:

Upon submission of all requirements, the child will be given a schedule for admission test and interview. Please come on your scheduled time and date.

Step 3:

The parents and student/s will be given a schedule for INTERVIEW with the School Administrator and/or Managing Director.

*Results will be sent to you within two weeks by mail and by phone. Upon acceptance,  the complete Transcript of Records (TOR) must be submitted before enrolment.

Step 4:

Upon acceptance, SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT FEE and RESERVATION FEE must be settled.