Wondering where our past students are? 

Here is an updated list of universities where our past students are either studying or have graduated from:

Griffith University
University of Melbourne
University of New South Wales, Australia

University of Waterloo
University of Toronto***
Western University
Simon Fraser University

Shanghai University of Finance
Beihang University

Newcastle University

Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Savannah College of Art and Design***
Hong Kong University***

Komazawa University
Koogei University

University of Arts London***
Anglia Ruskin University, London

Monash University

Ateneo de Manila University
University of the Philippines
De La Salle University
College of St. Benilde
University of Santo Tomas
University of Asia and the Pacific
Enderun Colleges
Meridian International Business Arts & Technology College (MINT), Philippines

Raffles College of Higher Education

National University, Singapore

Mae Fah Luang University

Loyola Marymount University
Hult International Business School
Savannah College of Art and Design (Atlanta Campus)
University of Nevada
San Francisco Art Institute***

*** with scholarship

"Undergoing Cambridge AS/A  Media studies helped me a lot in my present Architecture studies in UST in terms of giving me the foundation and tools in approaching research, preparation and planning required in my course."

-Adonis Miguel Baluyut
University of Santo Tomas

"Moving to a foreign country for the first time wasn’t easy for me. However, my nerves went by quickly once I stepped into the walls of Singapore School Manila. From the staff, to the teachers, to the students, there is such a comforting family atmosphere that is perfect for nurturing academic ability. The knowledge and critical thinking skills that I have acquired allowed me to see beyond the bigger picture and conventional boundaries. Through SSM, I developed a positive attitude towards my studies and discovered more about myself. This school gave me endless opportunities which helped me gain confidence and taught me to not be afraid of taking risks. Singapore School Manila has shaped me into the person I am today and I would not for one moment change one second of the last 6 years."

-Nur Amalina Binte Enddi Zulfian
Monash University

"Singapore School Manila is a school filled with opportunities for all types of people. It is the perfect environment for anyone to experiment with new things in life and to discover one’s self. Singapore School Manila gave me the opportunity to be ahead of what my course required and taught me the skills I needed to gain a competitive advantage compared to others. I can never regret taking my education at SSM, it will always be a home of acceptance and integrity." 

-Lance Sy
Ateneo de Manila University

"​I thought it was going to be difficult for me to make friends in college because I started in SSM at grade 2. I grew familiar with the students, staff, and teachers and haven’t had to introduce myself in a new environment in many years.  To my surprise, making friends in college was quite the opposite. People are going to like you for who you are, and SSM taught me to be myself."

- Miguel Atienza
Savannah College of Art & Design
Hong Kong

"Attending SSM and taking my A-levels was a 180-degree change for me. It gave me an opportunity to test my limits and experience where my abilities can take me. Having supportive teachers and a flexible teaching structure really helped with ensuring adequate preparation for each and every student. Just ask, and help is there! Without this environment, I would not be who I am today."

-Erika Wong

 Hong Kong University

"Singapore School Manila was my platform for building experiences and knowledge, improving academic performance, and discovering my strengths and weaknesses. I was not a number in the population of students; I was a member of a nurturing family, which was one of the most unique traits of SSM. My nine-year stay in SSM was truly worthwhile as I was being prepared for the real world—academically and intellectually."

-Chloe Tanchip
University of Waterloo
​Toronto, Canada


"I thought transitioning into an international environment would be challenging, but then I realized how similar it was to studying at Singapore School Manila. The Cambridge A Level Program definitely gave me a competitive edge here in San Francisco; It had also trained me both mentally and emotionally for university and life itself. SSM helped me break through barriers by pushing me to always be at my best. I achieved this through the countless opportunities, great exposure to the world outside of the blue walls, and five years of endless trust and support. No words can express my heartfelt gratitude to my SSM family for transforming me into an individual ready for the real world."

-Renee Macasaet
Hult Business School
​San Francisco, USA

"One important thing I learnt is that the divide between doing what you love and doing 'work' does not exist. Your career wouldn't be considered an inescapable chore if you're truly passionate about what you do."

-Gianna Mae Berino
Ateneo De Manila University

"Many people say school is a second home. That is how I felt during my four years in Singapore School Manila. If there is one thing that sets SSM apart from any other school, it is the sense of family and encouragement. The teachers and staff are so kind and engaging - it's hard not to make friends with them! It is because of my stay in such a positive and supportive environment that I was able to take a chance at my dream to become an animator."

-Mai Mai Gomez
Koogei University